Tuesday, December 28, 2010

hockey holidays

Ok, back to my numerical list of cool hockey experiences over the Christmas Break.  It's not necessarily in chronological order, and since I'm in a rush I'll do the shortest one...

3- Standing in the Shoes of NHLers

No, not at the Hockey Hall of Fame Archives but just around town.  Through some strange mix-up one of my brother in-laws ended up with a duffle bag full of LA Kings forward Richard Clune's shoes.  He's got an eclectic taste in earth pads I must say.  White Nike Sneaks, designer dress shoes, bright Bieber style high-tops.  They were a bit small but I only brough one pair of sneaks for the whole week, and wearing them to and from the pond every day wasn't doing me any favours so I used Richie's.  So much more hockey stories though to come...and what a big news day in the NHL...I think Calgary is about to meet the Grim Feester; this guy has gotta blow it up

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