Monday, February 21, 2011

depth forwards win cups

Max Talbot scored the only two Penguin goals in 2008-09 Cup Finals.

Take your pick of depth guys that brought Chicago to the cup win last year.  To further validate it, take a look at their current standings in the Western Conference without Eager, Burrish, Byfuglien, Versteeg, and Co.

You can go down the list of depth forwards that have stepped up to provide big offense and big plays away from the puck in years past.  After the deadline we'll sift through the rubble to see what playoff contending NHL rosters look like and get a picture of who's depth forwards are going to propel them in to the postseason, and which team's bottom six forwards might just make them a dark-horse or get them over the hump.

Look at your team right now.  They probably have great team-d or offense if they're in the playoff picture, but they also probably have good depth forwards, and if they haven't already they'll be willing to burn mid to late round picks and prospects to acquire help in that department.


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