Friday, June 24, 2011

Seen this before...

LA trading Schenn for Richards is Niewendyk for Iginla all over again, and, cup rings and career totals aside, player to player, who won that swap?

Schenn is going to be a star in Philly.  This was a great day for Flyers fans and great work by Paul Holmgren.  I had to question his move for the rights to Bryzgalov.  It seemed like an awful lot to give up in a UFA market that doesn't have many teams thinking starting-goalie, let alone able to afford Bryzgalov, but now we know why he had to get it done trade Carter before his No Trade Clause kicked in July 1.

With a core of talented forwards like Briere, Hartnell and Giroux still around I really don't see they youth movement as a step back, especially when you consider how much of a difference Bryz will make between the pipes and behind that D-Corps.  Philly arguably got better.

The only way to realize that is to break it down

JVRD                BRIERE             GIROUX
VERSTEEG      LEINO               SIMMONDS

Ok, there's some major rumors of more changes to come, including the trade of Versteeg  -- I'm sure further moves would only serve to improve the offense in Philly.  The fact remains that young or not that is a formidable top nine.  Voracek is more established then he gets credit for, playing in the offensive waste land that was Columbus for three season he is going to explode in Philly --  ditto for Simmonds who should see more ice, especially second unit Power Play time as a net presence.  James Van Riemsdyk is about to become the best power forward in the game.  When you consider the salary savings that will allow the Flyers to keep more depth and the youth movement which will serve to keep them stocked and competitive for years this is a great move.

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