Thursday, August 25, 2011


With all the news of Sidney Crosby's setbacks in his recovery from suffering a head injury I am once again inundated with the images of Sid circling back in his own zone, without the puck, unsuspecting, and being rocked by a high elbow right in the head. 

If Aaron Rome's hit in the Finals was late, what was this? 

How could the NHL just let David Steckel off scott-free.  How could Steckel doop the collective hockey world that it was incidental contact?  The NHL really missed the boat in not laying down the law in that incident.  I hope we don't see another ugly feud in the likes of Ottawa-Buffalo of years past between Crosby's Pens and Steckel who was traded in to the Atlantic conference after the hit.

I'm also confused.  Was it one or two concussions?  I have to say that watching the Hedman Hug that may or may not have caused a second head injury (depending on what report you read) I don't see anything there to substantiate the theory of a second head injury.  Sid is in obvious discomfort in that one, as a guy playing dizzy already would be, but I'd like to hear if anybody knows for sure whether anyone in the medical field diagnosed that as a second concussion.

At either rate I just hope Sid is back healthy and I encourage his sacrifice in sitting out through the Pens stretch run, especially as the team was decimated by injury.  It must have been hard for the leagues most competitive player to have to watch that from afar.  In years past a player may have just rushed back but Sid showed he was a champion for the concussion issue.  I'm glad to hear he's toning down his offseason training regiment accordingly. 

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