Monday, September 26, 2011

Mad props for Datsyuk

While I'm still uncertain he really deserved the Selke every year from 2008-2010 I just got a whole new appreciation for Pavel Datsyuk.

I was you-tubing shoot out goals and under Datsyuk's highlight reel package were a number of high impact hits.  On the west coast we don't see a lot of Datsyuk, and we're all well aware of his puck skills and responsible two way play but it was a revelation to see him flatten the siginificantly fatter, oops, I mean larger Dustin Penner, or skate right through Nick Hjalmarsson. The list goes on and on. 

So, this significantly brings his overall game up in my opinion, far far above where it was at the conclusion of the past injury plagued year.

I'm not an old-time hockey fan, but it's nice to see a skilled player be willing to do that and not just get punched in the face six times without reaction.  Being out here in the Pacific it might have been a much more pleasant offseason if our superstars were willing to do likewise.

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