Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Call it what you want to call it...

So Sid the Kid is out again with no time-table for return with concussion-symptoms.  Crosby feels the play that re-ignited his concussion problems was an accidental elbow he took on a hit he innitiated in the neutral zone. The Penguins organization is apparently frustrated with the line of questioning that follows, and they feel they have no answer.

One of the answers is telling Sid to pick his spots.  A lot has been made about how Sid worked to recreate his spacial awareness in the time he missed following the David Steckel hit in last years Winter Classic.  If he can rebuild his spacial awareness then he can lay off unnecessary contact.  He plays a very physically involved game but now that he's got a soft melon he has got to learn to atleast choose when or when not to innitiate contact.

The other is Sidney's ridiculous healing process schedule.  Sidney was skating, practicing and working out like his old self for months without playing all the while experiencing symptoms.  What do you expect?  You want to heal your brain, then don't push yourself physically for months and wonder why you're not feeling better.  It was selfish and it showed a lack of trust.  No Doctor in the world would recommend strenous physical activity during a recovery from concussion.  Sid's identity is an intense need to play, and I'm sure he felt he needed to show that he wanted to return by training and practicing, but it is the exact wrong thing to do.

Since his return Sid has felt symtpom free until the bump with Krejci, but the idea that he was involved in physical contact and then began feeling symptoms without it actually being a concussion is ridiculous.  If he is feeling symptoms then he suffered a concussion, and looking at any of the contact he's been involved in since his return it is a pretty scary thought that at any time he suffered a head injury. You don't take a bump and then suffere a setback, you either get hit and suffere a concussion or you're dealing with post-concussion syndrome, and if Sid wants to be fully healed from that he may as well retire. The problem is, as it has been all along, that one of the side-effects of head injuries is dizziness accompanying a heightened heart rate.  You can add lethargy, moodiness, depression, headaches, etc... to that list.

It's likely that Sidney Crosby will never be the same, especially if he wants to have a long and productive NHL career, but the innitialy injuries apparently haven't affected his level of play.  In the games he has played this year he has been every bit as dominating as ever and if he wants to continue with that he needs to pick his spots and adapt to his new reality.

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