Friday, October 7, 2011

MY TOP 50: Part 2

without further adieu....

25  ROBERTO LUONGO (41) - Postseason struggles don't keep him out of the top 25...barely
24  RICK NASH (20) - May just increase his ranking with a true #1 centre in CBJ now
23  ERIC STAAL (17) - Is going to be huge in the transition of Carolina's young core
22  CLAUDE GRIOUX (25) - Quantum leap for a guy not even in the league last year, sky is the limit
21  DREW DOUGHTY (23) - 40 points last season was considered an off year, will climb to top 10 soon
20  CAREY PRICE (30) - Age and position taken in to consideration he is 20th or better undeniably
19  RYAN GETZLAF (  ) - One of only a few power centres and top five playmakers in the league
18  JONATHON TOEWS (8) - Great young leader, a winner and a stalwart in all zones
17  NICK LIDSTROM (12) - He has to break down eventually, right?  If he was 30 he'd be top 10
16  PAVEL DATSYUK (3) - Injury plagued season last year bumped a perrenial top 10
15  RYAN MILLER (36) - How can you win a vezina and then slide to 36? Still one of top 5 stoppers
14  MARTIN ST.LOUIS (9) - Ageless wonder overcame small stature to put up constant big numbers
13  ZDENO CHARA (10) - Arguably the best in the blue line biz, Captain of the reigning cup champs
12  RYAN KESLER (16) - An unmatched blend of high octane scoring and defensive presence
11  EVGENY MALKIN (22) - One knee injury barely keeps him from top 10 let alone top 20
10  DUNCAN KEITH (27) - Stanley Cup. Check. Gold Medal. Check. Norris Trophy. Check
9    TIM THOMAS (14) - Question his style all you want, the stats don't lie.
8    CORY PERRY (7) - I don't think this year was a fluke, and I don't think it's the end of his progression
7    DANIEL SEDIN (4) - Last year's points leader among best in tight spaces
6    HENRIK SEDIN (5) - I rank him atop his brother because he is a centre and leagues top playmaker
5    PEKKA RINNE (28) - It's insane to keep him out of top 10, let alone 28th.  He's the best at his pos.
4    ALEX OVECHKIN (2) - Consistantly invisible at the highest stakes and coming off a subpar year
3    SHEA WEBER (11) - There isn't a better d-man in the league
2    STEVEN STAMKOS (6) - The guy with the most goals in the past two seasons is secod best fo sho
1    SIDNEY CROSBY (1) - The only consensus on the two top 50 lists (mine and TSN) and there's a reason; you can't just bump him because he got hurt.  His points per game average last season were miles ahead of anyone else, and points totals are just one aspect of what make him the best.

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