Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Top 50 (PT 1)

I heard TSN had put out a list of the top 50 players in the NHL, so I had to do my own.  I just read the TSN list and include in brackets the TSN ranking for each player.  Obviously this isn't a list of the top scorers from last year, or even entirely based solely on last year, infact it takes in to account production over the career, value to the players team, age, position, etc... 

50  CAM WARD (NR) - Didn't crack TSN's list but amazing money goalie: count the rings
49  THOMAS VANEK (NR) - Perennial 30 goal threat with potential for more
48  MIKE RICHARDS (38) - Down year and trade slipped this great two way threat
47  PATRICK KANE  (24) - He's got the tools offensively, and a cup, but a little one dimensional
46  PATRICK MARLEAU (  ) - Has had an up and down career, losing the C kinda stings
45  HENRIK LUNDQVIST (34) - Shut out King deserves to be counted among top 5 in the crease
44  KRIS LETANG (NR) - How TSN left this guy off the list is beyond me: 50 PT, 100+PIM in 2010-11
43  TEEMU SELANNE (  ) - Another offseason knee surgery? He's got to slow down this year, right?
42  JOE THORNTON (29) - One of hockey's biggest anomolies - so good reg. season, so bad post.
41  KEITH YANDLE (  ) - Imagine what his point totals would be on a real team.
40  JOHN TAVARES (NR) - TSN didn't have the guts put him in the top 50, forget stats top50 skill fosho
39  DANNY BRIERE (37) - Decent point totals, but amazing playoff performer
38  ALEX SEMIN (NR) - Almost left him off, then realized he is better than anyone behind him at 38th
37  PATRICK SHARP (35) - Could be higher but lets see how he does after surgery and big payday
36  NICK BACKSTROM (48) - 100 points the season before last - how could he be 48 by TSN?
35  DAVID KREJCI (NR) - One of the most underrated guys in the league.
34  HENRIK ZETTERBERG (15) - Skills to be higher but all too often injured
33  JEFF CARTER (44) - 48 Goals two seasons ago and a run to the cup - off year last season cost him
32  BOBBY RYAN (33) - More skill than most realize, will probably continue to increase totals
31  ANZE KOPITAR (21) - He just isn't in the top 25 - Prove me wrong!
30  ZACH PARISE (26) - Just named Captain in Jersey, if he wasn't injured he'd be top 20 fo sho
29  MATT DUCHENE (45) - Many questioned his inclusion by TSN - watch the kid play: UNREAL
28  BRAD RICHARDS (19) - Injury prone playmaker has been a beast come playoff time
27  ILYA KOVALCHUK (32) - Unfair he fell this far, don't forget he is still one of the games best scorers
26  JAROME IGINLA (26) - Had a monster year still without a proven top centre.

OK, top 25 coming tomorrow.

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