Saturday, October 22, 2011


Has anyone stopped to consider just how difficult the job of NHL disciplinarian is?

Everyone is questioning Brendan Shannahan's rulings on suspensions, but they all questioned the rule changes coming out of the lockout and they may have been the biggest factor in the relative successes the league has enjoyed since.

How does someone as universally loved by fans during his playing career deserve that much abuse in his new role with the league?

It's extreme, no doubt, but figure it out already wouldya?  We've seen this before. When the new rules were implemented everything was getting called and we got to enjoy new hockey lingo like "parallel stick".  Eventually the players learned the boundaries and the game was better for it.  If discipline for dangerous hits can do for players health and well being what the post-lockout rule changes did for goal scoring then I welcome it with open arms

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